Thursday, 8 April 2010

Free to enjoy it!

Ok, so we need a couple of points to secure a top six finish and one should never count one's poultry before hatching but barring a disaster Billy's boys should be involved in the dreaded play offs.

The whys and wherefores of the play offs are for another time but, for me, that brings us the immediate prospect of games that "don't matter". And, bizarrely, I'm relishing that prospect.

For many years now games at this time of the season have been tear your hair out, edge of the seat, nerve shredding rollercoaster affairs. Gripping, pulsating, exciting as they are they have often been a test on the blood pressure and endurance levels.

And, if the play offs are secure (see, even now I can't quite bring myself to say they are in case....) then we have all that to come. But not this or the next few weekends.

This weekend we can "go down the match" and watch the game for the sake of watching the game. The pressure is virtually off so we can actually try to enjoy the football, engage in light hearted banter and not groan and barrack at every mis-placed pass.

We can hopefully take a look at McCleary, Garner, McGugan, McGoldrick etc without the fear that they may completely destroy a promotion/relegation battle.

Maybe that experience will be no different and I'll get sucked into the usual heat of the moment of the match - or maybe the chance to relax and cheer on the Tricky Trees in this slightly odd run of games will be a welcome change.

I guess we'll see. At the start of the season I was craving a "realistic" target of safe mid-table mediocrity - maybe the Tractor Boys encounter will be a little taster of what that would have been like if Billy hadn't have run away and got my hopes up once again.

Whatever happens I'm bracing myself for the end of season show downs...and hoping for third time lucky...