Thursday, 2 October 2008

Hunt for the red October

After a mere one point in five games September was something of a disaster for Forest and has left Colin Calderwood with a number of headaches. Who should play at right back? Are Wes and Wilson the right centre back pairing? Is Guy Moussi not as good as first thought? Who should play up front? Can anyone but Earnshaw score? And, of course, what formation should we play?

Each of these questions, and many more, have got the tongues wagging on the terraces and CC has a great deal on his plate as the loathsome Warnock and his Palace side travel up to Nottingham.

The game has suddenly taken on huge importance given both teams' poor start and CC desperately needs it to kick start a more plentiful month in the points column, especially with 3 games in the relative comfort of the City Ground in October. He will at least be spared from any potential flak in the early stages given the hatred felt towards his opposite number.

In the last two home outings Forest have started off fast and furious, dominating the opposition, only then to fade badly and peter out to a defeat (Burnley) and draw (Charlton). This time a good start is needed but a result is paramount. The stylish interplay seen between the likes of Cohen, Martin and Earnshaw must have a cutting edge.

This time CC would be relieved to walk into a post-match interview and talk about a lucky win rather than an unfortunate defeat.

Andy Cole's continued presence in the line-up and improvement needs to bear fruit - his goals and experience could be vital to lift us out of the basement.

Martin needs to find the final killer ball at the end of his marauding runs and the defence needs to work as a unit and not give away penalties/free kicks/freak goals.

On top of that CC needs to get it right. 442/433/451/532 have all been unsuccessfully tried and less important than the choice made for Saturday is common sense - the formation needs to encourage the players to flourish rather than inhibit them. No more strikers on the wing, centre backs at full back and pint sized forwards competing for headers against towering centre backs.

It's time for the players and manager to draw on their strengths and prove they deserve to be in this league. No more excuses or hard luck stories - it's time for a win.....

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