Saturday, 21 May 2011

Well, we knew what to expect

So the playoffs brought with them their usual crushing disappointment. We should have expected (and probably did) that shouldn't we?

At least we got there though.

Here's to an important summer where, unlike last year and the post-Hart playoff campaign, we must build on the squad we have and finish the job.

It seems to me like Billy's going to be at the helm for another go, and that's right for the club.

What he needs is to be backed by the club and maybe allowed to make one/two 'hunch' signings that he thinks can boost the squad that bypass the acquisitions process.

At the moment that is holding us back. It's good from a business point of view not to waste oodles of cash on players before weighing up the pros and cons - but it's going to take something a little more than a sensible business approach to getting us over the final hurdle.

We STILL need a left back and could do with a wide midfielder and striker to improve the quality of the starting 11.

Plus we could be faced with something of an exodus. Nathan Tyson, Robert Earnshaw, Guy Moussi and Dele Adebola are all about to be out of contract and could join Kelvin Wilson out of the door leaving a gaping hole in the squad to be plugged.

There isn't, at the moment, the influx of fresh young stars required to fill the squad in with talented youngsters so we could be on the lookout for a fair few players before August.

Right now we're dwelling on what might have been with the playoffs. We can't afford to be dwelling on what might have been in the summer transfer window come August....

Ps: check out my rare foray into the sports pages at work for my immediate post-playoff musings

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