Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Unlucky for some? Forest and the dreaded number 13

I’m not one for superstitions - although I’ll confess to avoiding popping my 'unlucky socks' on on matchdays – but plenty of fans and sportsmen and women are aren’t they?

Australian cricketers even get nervous when they reach 87 not out because they are 13 away from 10 (that probably says a lot about the Aussie mindset, we’d probably be delighted to even reach 87).

With that in mind, if they were Nottingham Forest fans, they'd probably be royally spooked by the following :

We're currently 13 points off the play-off positions
We're also 13 points above the bottom three
We had a 13 match unbeaten run under Dougie
February 13 was the date when the run came to an end against Huddersfield
Until Saturday we’d not lost any of the previous 13 games in which we’d taken the lead
There are 13 games to go
Dougie is the 13th full time appointment since relegation from the Premier League (counting each Billy stint separately)
A below-£13 million loss is the financial target to come out of the FFP embargo
…oh and ‘used to be good before he signed for us’ Danny Fox sports the number 13.

Now before you start calling up Barry Fry to wee on all four corners of the ground to lift a curse (like he did at St Andrews), it's worth saying that I don't think this is all some sort of spooky proof of something sinister. It's all harmless trivia, a statistical quirk and if it's proof of anything it's that I think about these sort of things rather too much...

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