Saturday, 31 March 2018

Chatting about the ups and downs of being a Forest fan

What's it like being a Forest fan? I don't know about you but fans of other clubs do occasionally try to find out more about the strange comings and goings at the City Ground. It might be out of intrigue, sympathy, politeness, morbid curiosity or, probably, all of the above.

Still, it's difficult to explain isn't it? I struggle to understand what's going on most of the time - part disaster film, part soap opera, occasional sporting contest - let alone explain it to others.

However, I've attempted to do just that in an interview with my friend and former colleague John Baker. John is one of a couple of long-suffering Coventry City fans that I know and, to be honest, their struggles do often offer a healthy sense of perspective for matters on Trentside. I think most fans are hoping that SISU can clear off and let the Sky Blues go back to being a properly functioning club again, preferably before leaving them homeless.

In the first part of our chat we discuss what it was like being a Forest fan 20 years ago, what is the best Forest fans could ever hope for and whether I'd rather see Forest in the Premier League or England win the World Cup (and a grim Megson away day in Milton Keynes):

In part two we chat over the lowest I've ever felt at a game, players and clubs I dislike, the pros and cons of Twitter and the nearly-but-not-quite Gareth Bale loan.

In part three I try to sum up Cloughie (senior and junior), Collymore, Savage and a few more characters in one word, ponder what it would be like to be a fan of a Premier League giant and crap football memorabilia.

Hopefully I didn't completely mess up 'going into bat' for Forest fans - it was certainly fun to go through a few old memories and, of course, to dig out the well worn 2002/03 shirt (which has Reid 20 on the back).

John is hoping to speak to fans from all sorts of different clubs to tap into their hopes, fears and memories. You can check out his YouTube channel here (his rant at Arsenal fans certainly attracted some 'interesting' responses).

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